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Ghosts R N.E.A.R. is a TV talk show hosted and produced by Keith & Sandra Johnson. It deals with paranormal topics and features interviews with local guests (paranormal investigators, authors, etc.) and on-location N.E.A.R. projects.

We are currently booking guests so drop us a line if you would like to come to the studio and be interviewed!

Ghosts R N.E.A.R. is broadcast statewide in Rhode Island on Fridays at 8pm on channel 13 (Cox) & 32 (Verizon) and also (in Kent County, RI only) on Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 8pm on channel 18 (Cox) & 31 (Verizon).

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Please join Sandra and Keith as they discuss personal UFO sightings with their good friend and loyal NEAR member David Grist. David is a former Air Traffic Controller with the US Air Force, so he knows what he's taking about from personal expereince!
(added 8/13/23)

S15 E182 - UFO Sightings with David Grist

S14 E181 - Serial Killers with Raymond Dowaliby

S14 E180 - Fr. Ed Brodrick: Origin of Demons

S14 E179 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Providence, RI

S14 E178 - Panorama Paranormal

S14 E177 - Andrew Lake, Author & Investigator!

S14 E176 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Pawtucket, RI (Part 2)

S13 E175 - Haunted Objects

S13 E174 - Fort Adams (Part 1)

S13 E173 - Lizzie Borden Tour Guides

S14 E172 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Pawtucket, RI (Part 1)

S13 E171 - Paranormal Legend Society - PLS

S13 E170 - Ocean State ParaCon 2021

S13 E169 - Octavian Hallow, Horror Show Host

S13 E168 - The Mercy Brown Story!

S13 E167: Paranormal Couple Cody Ray Desbiens & Satori Hawes!

S13 E166: Dan Rivera & Eric Vitale of NESPR

S13 E165 - Penn State Lecture, Carl & Keith

S13 E164 - Conjuring House owners Cory and Jen Heinzen!

S13 E163 - Paranormal X The Gathering, Part 2

S13 E162 - T.A.P.S. Lecture at the Fairfield Inn, Part 2

S13 E161 - T.A.P.S. Lecture at the Fairfield Inn

S12 E160 - S.O.P.I. and T.A.P.S.

S12 E159 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 3

S12 E158 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 2

S12 E157 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 1

S12 E156 - Wayne Nye of M.A.P.S.

S12 E155 - Scott Wolter of "America Unearthed"

S12 E154 - Ghost Nation's Satori Hawes and Cody Ray DeBiens

S12 E153 - Al Tyas, Author of "PROJECT RABBIT HOLE"

S12 E152 - Andrew Lake Live at Ram Tail, Part 2

S12 E151 - Andrew Lake Live at Ramtail, Part 1

S12 E150 - Master Hypnotist Alan Alves, Part 1

S11 E149 - Essex Paranormal/Ghost Chasers at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

S11 E148 - Brian Harnois

S11 E147 - Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Part 2

S11 E146 - Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Part 1

S11 E145 - Pastor Ed Brodrick, Deliverance Minister

S11 E144 - Mary Foley, Paranormal Enthusiast

S11 E143 - H.P. Lovecraft Tribute, North Scituate Public Library

S11 E142 - Poe In Providence, Part 2

S11 E141 - Jesse Correa, Brenton Point Documentary

S11 E140 - Poe In Providence

S11 E139 - East Coast Paranormal Research Team

S11 E138 - Allison Horrocks, History of Spiritualism

S10 E137 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 3

S10 E136 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 2

S10 E135 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 1

S10 E134 - Buddy Thayer, Founder of Ocean State Paranormal

S10 E133 - The Paranormal Investigators and Snow Family Paranormal at Slater Mill

S10 E132 - TAPS members Joe Chin and Cody Ray DesBiens

S10 E131 - Ghosts R N.E.A.R. visits Salem Massachusetts

S10 E130 - Jim Vieira, author of "Giants On Record"

S10 E129 - Tom D'Agostino and Arlene Nicholson at Slater Mill

S10 E128: Mary Catherine Volk

S10 E127 - Gatherings and Events

S10 E126 - Ocean State ParaCon 2016, Part 2

S10 E125 - Edgar Allan Poe Tribute 2017

S9 E124 - Ocean State ParaCon 2016, Part 1

S9 E123 - Ken DeCosta and Cody Ray DesBiens

S9 E122 - Pagan Clergy Ed & Pat Morgan, Part 2

S9 E121 - Singer/Songwriter Jay Brunelle

S9 E120 - Pagan Clergy Ed & Pat Morgan, Part 1

S9 E119 - Producers, Tales of Rocky Point Park

S9 E118 - Charles Gardner, Talk Show Host/Paranormal Investigator

S9 E117 - Author/Talk Show Host Jason J. Tavares

S9 E116 - David Manch and Mike Dion

S9 E115 - Brendan Kirby, THE RHODE SHOW

S9 E114 - Exploring the Newport Tower

S8 E113 - Oaklawn Library Investigation

S8 E112 - Haunting Survivor Lana (Hunt) Brock

S8 E111 - Edgar Allan Poe Tribute

S8 E110 - Willie Marquis interview on Beatles Lore

S8 E109 - Nathanael Greene Homestead

S8 E108 - Slater Mill Ghost Tour & Investigation

S8 E107 - Haunted North Scituate

S7 E106: Road Tripping Haunted Scituate, Rhode Island

S7 E105: Aaron Cadieux & Manny Famolare of 'The Bridgewater Triangle'

S7 E104: Strange noises being heard across Southern New England

S7 E103: Interview with Founders/Demonologists Keith & Sandra

S7 E102: Mike Bara of Uncovering Aliens and Ancient Aliens

S7 E101: Residence Investigation & Cleansing

S7 E100: Demonology Discussion II

S7 E99: Demonology Discussion I

S7 E98: Author/Para-Photographer Julie Griffin

S7 E97: Druid's Dream Special

S7 E96: Andrea Perron Lecture, Conjuring & More

S6 E95: Before 'The Conjuring' there was P.I.R.O.

S6 E94: Legend Tripping with Keith & Nathan

S6 E93: Paranormal/Metaphysical Author, Marie D. Jones

S6 E92: Author Patty Wilson- Haunted Western Pennsylvania

S6 E91: Shannon Sylvia-Paranormal Unwrapped

S6 E90: Author Luann Joly- Dead Whispers

S6 E89: Tenney Gate House Deliverance

S6 E88: GRN Explores Alien Abduction Experiences

S6 E87: Vampire Legends - Nellie Vaughn

S6 E86: Past Life Regression II

S6 E85: Past Life Regression

S6 E84: More Parallel Universes Part I
& Part II

S6 E83: Parallel Universes

S6 E82: Rhode Island Mothman

S6 E81: RISEUP Paranormal

S5 E80: Author/Investigator, Andrew Lake

S5 E79: Harrisville, RI Home Investigation Excerpts

S5 E78: Para-Bikers Brian Lambert & Steve Sztabor

S5 E77: Margaret Florio, T.R.I.P.R.G. Investigator

S5 E76: Andrea Perron, House of Darkness House of Light

S5 E75: Ed Rodrigues & John Gomes, T.P.G.

S5 E74: Meet The Paranormals

S5 E73: Dustin Pari, Paranormal Rockstar

S5 E72: Bella Tucker Fundraiser

S5 E71: Dan Gordon, Field of Screams

S5 E70: Dave Manch & Pat Rabideau- NEP

S5 E69: Oracle Paranormal Research Society

S5 E68: Bigfoot In Rhode Island

S5 E67: Interview with Michael J.Baker and Annette Hansen NECAPS

S5 E66: Greg Best and Robb Harrington of Oracle Paranormal

S5 E65: Interveiw with Jason Mayoh

S4 E64: Matthew & Jeanine of Paranormal New England

S4 E63: NEPR Freetown Paranormal Convention

S4 E62: Dave Kane: 41 Signs Of Hope

S4 E61: Nathan Mayer Interview With Richard Felix

S4 E60: Dave Manch & Patrick Rabideau: The FaraDave Cage

S4 E59: Mike & Jason of Blackstone Valley Paranormal

S4 E58: UNIV-CON 2008

S4 E57: Fr. Bob Bailey Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael

S4 E56: Behind The Paranormal With Paul And Benjamin Eno

S4 E55: Brian Harnois, Keith Johnson Paranormal Realities

S4 E54: NEAR/PFI Investigate Old Slater Mill

S4 E53: Shannon Sylvia, Ghost Hunters Int'l

S4 E52: John Hardy/Fran Ford ECHOES/PRICE

>S4 E51: Mike Baker & Para-Boston Bree Pouliet

S4 E50: Original TAPS Member, Rich Einig

S4 E49: Horror-Comic Creator, Jason Mayoh

S3 E48: Paranormal Investigator, Andrew Lake

S3 E47: Horror Fiction Author Jonathan Thomas

S3 E46: Author/Investigator, Dave Manch

S3 E45: Dave Francis/Lisa Zierenberg WWPRC

S3 E44: Brian Harnois & Michelle Wilmot

S3 E43: Australian Investigator, Alison Oborn

S3 E42: 14 Degrees- Documentary Producers

S3 E41: Author, Dan Gordon Haunted Baseball

S3 E40: Three Demon Hunters Part III

S3 E39: Horror/Fiction Author H.P. Lovecraft

S3 E38: Jeff Belanger - Weird Massachusetts

S3 E37: Chris Finch- TAPS/NEAR Investigator

S3 E36: Shannon Sylvia - Ghost Hunters Int'l

S3 E35: Derek Bartlett - Bridgewater Triangle

S3 E34: Three Demon Hunters Part II

S3 E33: Chris Balzano, Author- Dark Woods

S2 E32: Michael Bell, Author- Food For The Dead

S2 E31: Joe Burke EX-CHECKER (Co-host Brian H.)

S2 E30: Highlights From Univ-Con 6

S2 E29: Paranormal X Conference Highlights

S2 E28: Tracey Puckett- The Paranormal Pirate

S2 E27: Author Tom D'Agostino- Haunted MA/NH

S2 E26: No Longer Available

S2 E25: Three Demon Hunters Part I

S2 E24: Tim Weisberg/Matt Costa- Spooky S.C.

S2 E23: Miguel Girard - Strange New England

S2 E22: Rob Tremblay & Rick Boisvere of SERT

S2 E21: Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters/TAPS

S2 E20: Lisa Dowaliby of Ghost Hunters/NEAR

S2 E19: Rory Raven- Mentalist

S2 E18: Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley

S2 E17: Kim Brager- Investigator/Reiki Pract.

S1 E16: Donna Lacroix of Ghost Hunters/GHI

S1 E15: H.P. Lovecraft Tribute Preview

S1 E14: Matt Moniz-Science Advisor: Spooky S.C.

S1 E13: John Zaffis: Ed Warren Tribute

S1 E12: Vampire Legends of New England

S1 E11: NEPVRG Investigator Don Carter

S1 E10: 2006 PA State Conf.- Demonology 101

S1 E9: 2006 Penn State Conf.- String Theory

S1 E8: Investigation- Abandoned Mill

S1 E7: Author Denise Jones, L.I.F.E. Founder

S1 E6: Author Thomas D'Agostino- Haunted R.I.

S1 E5: EVPs and the Ghost in the Laptop

S1 E4: Renee Smith, Angelologist

S1 E3: Andrew Graham of NEAR/TAPS

S1 E2: Former NEAR Investigator D. Rinaldi

S1 E1: Meet The Hosts of Ghosts R NEAR