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Please join me (Keith Johnson) for Part 2 of a visit to the Paine House Museum in Coventry, Rhode Island, for an investigation event organized our friend Ken DeCosta, who is the founder of RISUP Paranormal. Beside members of RISUP, also attending were members of the TAPS Home Team, RI Paranormal and Panorama Paranormal, among others. I was there representing New England Anomalies Research, and I was also documenting the event. Among its rich history, the Paine House Museum is also well known for ongoing incidents of paranormal activity. Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes were there as well, conducting spirit communication sessions. The "Estes Method" of communication was also used by an investigation team member.
(added 7/22/24)

S15 E191 - The Paine House Museum - Part 2

S15 E190 - Presidium Warriors of St. Michael

S15 E189 - The Paine House Museum

S15 E188 - Jesse Correa, "Bloody Reef" Explorer

S15 E187 - Paranormal X The Gathering, Part 4

S15 E186 - Charles Gardner

S15 E185 - Spirit Photographer Julie Griffin

S15 E184 - UFO Sightings with David Grist - Part 2

S15 E183 - Paranormal X The Gathering, Part 3

S15 E182 - UFO Sightings with David Grist

S14 E181 - Serial Killers with Raymond Dowaliby

S14 E180 - Fr. Ed Brodrick: Origin of Demons

S14 E179 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Providence, RI

S14 E178 - Panorama Paranormal

S14 E177 - Andrew Lake, Author & Investigator!

S14 E176 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Pawtucket, RI (Part 2)

S13 E175 - Haunted Objects

S13 E174 - Fort Adams (Part 1)

S13 E173 - Lizzie Borden Tour Guides

S14 E172 - Rhode Tripping Haunted Pawtucket, RI (Part 1)

S13 E171 - Paranormal Legend Society - PLS

S13 E170 - Ocean State ParaCon 2021

S13 E169 - Octavian Hallow, Horror Show Host

S13 E168 - The Mercy Brown Story!

S13 E167: Paranormal Couple Cody Ray Desbiens & Satori Hawes!

S13 E166: Dan Rivera & Eric Vitale of NESPR

S13 E165 - Penn State Lecture, Carl & Keith

S13 E164 - Conjuring House owners Cory and Jen Heinzen!

S13 E163 - Paranormal X The Gathering, Part 2

S13 E162 - T.A.P.S. Lecture at the Fairfield Inn, Part 2

S13 E161 - T.A.P.S. Lecture at the Fairfield Inn

S12 E160 - S.O.P.I. and T.A.P.S.

S12 E159 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 3

S12 E158 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 2

S12 E157 - The Bloody Reef: A History of Brenton Point, Part 1

S12 E156 - Wayne Nye of M.A.P.S.

S12 E155 - Scott Wolter of "America Unearthed"

S12 E154 - Ghost Nation's Satori Hawes and Cody Ray DeBiens

S12 E153 - Al Tyas, Author of "PROJECT RABBIT HOLE"

S12 E152 - Andrew Lake Live at Ram Tail, Part 2

S12 E151 - Andrew Lake Live at Ramtail, Part 1

S12 E150 - Master Hypnotist Alan Alves, Part 1

S11 E149 - Essex Paranormal/Ghost Chasers at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

S11 E148 - Brian Harnois

S11 E147 - Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Part 2

S11 E146 - Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Part 1

S11 E145 - Pastor Ed Brodrick, Deliverance Minister

S11 E144 - Mary Foley, Paranormal Enthusiast

S11 E143 - H.P. Lovecraft Tribute, North Scituate Public Library

S11 E142 - Poe In Providence, Part 2

S11 E141 - Jesse Correa, Brenton Point Documentary

S11 E140 - Poe In Providence

S11 E139 - East Coast Paranormal Research Team

S11 E138 - Allison Horrocks, History of Spiritualism

S10 E137 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 3

S10 E136 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 2

S10 E135 - Lewiston Possession Case, Part 1

S10 E134 - Buddy Thayer, Founder of Ocean State Paranormal

S10 E133 - The Paranormal Investigators and Snow Family Paranormal at Slater Mill

S10 E132 - TAPS members Joe Chin and Cody Ray DesBiens

S10 E131 - Ghosts R N.E.A.R. visits Salem Massachusetts

S10 E130 - Jim Vieira, author of "Giants On Record"

S10 E129 - Tom D'Agostino and Arlene Nicholson at Slater Mill

S10 E128: Mary Catherine Volk

S10 E127 - Gatherings and Events

S10 E126 - Ocean State ParaCon 2016, Part 2

S10 E125 - Edgar Allan Poe Tribute 2017

S9 E124 - Ocean State ParaCon 2016, Part 1

S9 E123 - Ken DeCosta and Cody Ray DesBiens

S9 E122 - Pagan Clergy Ed & Pat Morgan, Part 2

S9 E121 - Singer/Songwriter Jay Brunelle

S9 E120 - Pagan Clergy Ed & Pat Morgan, Part 1

S9 E119 - Producers, Tales of Rocky Point Park

S9 E118 - Charles Gardner, Talk Show Host/Paranormal Investigator

S9 E117 - Author/Talk Show Host Jason J. Tavares

S9 E116 - David Manch and Mike Dion

S9 E115 - Brendan Kirby, THE RHODE SHOW

S9 E114 - Exploring the Newport Tower

S8 E113 - Oaklawn Library Investigation

S8 E112 - Haunting Survivor Lana (Hunt) Brock

S8 E111 - Edgar Allan Poe Tribute

S8 E110 - Willie Marquis interview on Beatles Lore

S8 E109 - Nathanael Greene Homestead

S8 E108 - Slater Mill Ghost Tour & Investigation

S8 E107 - Haunted North Scituate

S7 E106: Road Tripping Haunted Scituate, Rhode Island

S7 E105: Aaron Cadieux & Manny Famolare of 'The Bridgewater Triangle'

S7 E104: Strange noises being heard across Southern New England

S7 E103: Interview with Founders/Demonologists Keith & Sandra

S7 E102: Mike Bara of Uncovering Aliens and Ancient Aliens

S7 E101: Residence Investigation & Cleansing

S7 E100: Demonology Discussion II

S7 E99: Demonology Discussion I

S7 E98: Author/Para-Photographer Julie Griffin

S7 E97: Druid's Dream Special

S7 E96: Andrea Perron Lecture, Conjuring & More

S6 E95: Before 'The Conjuring' there was P.I.R.O.

S6 E94: Legend Tripping with Keith & Nathan

S6 E93: Paranormal/Metaphysical Author, Marie D. Jones

S6 E92: Author Patty Wilson- Haunted Western Pennsylvania

S6 E91: Shannon Sylvia-Paranormal Unwrapped

S6 E90: Author Luann Joly- Dead Whispers

S6 E89: Tenney Gate House Deliverance

S6 E88: GRN Explores Alien Abduction Experiences

S6 E87: Vampire Legends - Nellie Vaughn

S6 E86: Past Life Regression II

S6 E85: Past Life Regression

S6 E84: More Parallel Universes Part I
& Part II

S6 E83: Parallel Universes

S6 E82: Rhode Island Mothman

S6 E81: RISEUP Paranormal

S5 E80: Author/Investigator, Andrew Lake

S5 E79: Harrisville, RI Home Investigation Excerpts

S5 E78: Para-Bikers Brian Lambert & Steve Sztabor

S5 E77: Margaret Florio, T.R.I.P.R.G. Investigator

S5 E76: Andrea Perron, House of Darkness House of Light

S5 E75: Ed Rodrigues & John Gomes, T.P.G.

S5 E74: Meet The Paranormals

S5 E73: Dustin Pari, Paranormal Rockstar

S5 E72: Bella Tucker Fundraiser

S5 E71: Dan Gordon, Field of Screams

S5 E70: Dave Manch & Pat Rabideau- NEP

S5 E69: Oracle Paranormal Research Society

S5 E68: Bigfoot In Rhode Island

S5 E67: Interview with Michael J.Baker and Annette Hansen NECAPS

S5 E66: Greg Best and Robb Harrington of Oracle Paranormal

S5 E65: Interveiw with Jason Mayoh

S4 E64: Matthew & Jeanine of Paranormal New England

S4 E63: NEPR Freetown Paranormal Convention

S4 E62: Dave Kane: 41 Signs Of Hope

S4 E61: Nathan Mayer Interview With Richard Felix

S4 E60: Dave Manch & Patrick Rabideau: The FaraDave Cage

S4 E59: Mike & Jason of Blackstone Valley Paranormal

S4 E58: UNIV-CON 2008

S4 E57: Fr. Bob Bailey Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael

S4 E56: Behind The Paranormal With Paul And Benjamin Eno

S4 E55: Brian Harnois, Keith Johnson Paranormal Realities

S4 E54: NEAR/PFI Investigate Old Slater Mill

S4 E53: Shannon Sylvia, Ghost Hunters Int'l

S4 E52: John Hardy/Fran Ford ECHOES/PRICE

>S4 E51: Mike Baker & Para-Boston Bree Pouliet

S4 E50: Original TAPS Member, Rich Einig

S4 E49: Horror-Comic Creator, Jason Mayoh

S3 E48: Paranormal Investigator, Andrew Lake

S3 E47: Horror Fiction Author Jonathan Thomas

S3 E46: Author/Investigator, Dave Manch

S3 E45: Dave Francis/Lisa Zierenberg WWPRC

S3 E44: Brian Harnois & Michelle Wilmot

S3 E43: Australian Investigator, Alison Oborn

S3 E42: 14 Degrees- Documentary Producers

S3 E41: Author, Dan Gordon Haunted Baseball

S3 E40: Three Demon Hunters Part III

S3 E39: Horror/Fiction Author H.P. Lovecraft

S3 E38: Jeff Belanger - Weird Massachusetts

S3 E37: Chris Finch- TAPS/NEAR Investigator

S3 E36: Shannon Sylvia - Ghost Hunters Int'l

S3 E35: Derek Bartlett - Bridgewater Triangle

S3 E34: Three Demon Hunters Part II

S3 E33: Chris Balzano, Author- Dark Woods

S2 E32: Michael Bell, Author- Food For The Dead

S2 E31: Joe Burke EX-CHECKER (Co-host Brian H.)

S2 E30: Highlights From Univ-Con 6

S2 E29: Paranormal X Conference Highlights

S2 E28: Tracey Puckett- The Paranormal Pirate

S2 E27: Author Tom D'Agostino- Haunted MA/NH

S2 E26: No Longer Available

S2 E25: Three Demon Hunters Part I

S2 E24: Tim Weisberg/Matt Costa- Spooky S.C.

S2 E23: Miguel Girard - Strange New England

S2 E22: Rob Tremblay & Rick Boisvere of SERT

S2 E21: Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters/TAPS

S2 E20: Lisa Dowaliby of Ghost Hunters/NEAR

S2 E19: Rory Raven- Mentalist

S2 E18: Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley

S2 E17: Kim Brager- Investigator/Reiki Pract.

S1 E16: Donna Lacroix of Ghost Hunters/GHI

S1 E15: H.P. Lovecraft Tribute Preview

S1 E14: Matt Moniz-Science Advisor: Spooky S.C.

S1 E13: John Zaffis: Ed Warren Tribute

S1 E12: Vampire Legends of New England

S1 E11: NEPVRG Investigator Don Carter

S1 E10: 2006 PA State Conf.- Demonology 101

S1 E9: 2006 Penn State Conf.- String Theory

S1 E8: Investigation- Abandoned Mill

S1 E7: Author Denise Jones, L.I.F.E. Founder

S1 E6: Author Thomas D'Agostino- Haunted R.I.

S1 E5: EVPs and the Ghost in the Laptop

S1 E4: Renee Smith, Angelologist

S1 E3: Andrew Graham of NEAR/TAPS

S1 E2: Former NEAR Investigator D. Rinaldi

S1 E1: Meet The Hosts of Ghosts R NEAR